About me:

Welcome to my little site. Born and raised in Manitoba Canada I have always been fascinated with severe weather. For many years I just chased with no pictures or video when one day I decided I should capture these images to share with others. The stories where just not enough to do what I had seen justice.

I still have a lot to learn about photography but I am enjoying the experience and have the help of some great weather photographers who are making the learning process much easier.

I will be adding more pictures as I get them over time but for now these will have to do thanks for taking the time to have a look !!

Have a great day!



Farewell to my Best Friend

August 19th was a tough one for me and my wife we had to put down or furry Son Bob. He had a short bout with cancer and was beginning to suffer so the hardest decision we ever made had to be done.
He was my Son my best friend and my counselor. He showed me a life that will be tough to live without him now. When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis almost 3yrs ago he was my rock When no one else was around he was with me at my side making even the toughest day just a little easier on me by looking into those big brown eyes. Me and the wife where with him to the end at our house he now lies in a beautiful area in our yard deserving of the great creature he was.
It will take time to get over this loss but the good times we had and the amazing memories will help us through.

Bob you are gone but will never be forgotten by us ever
Rob,Corinne,Jorja,Quinn,and Jack